Handy Tips For Your Next Cruise Vacation

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March 3, 2017

Handy Tips For Your Next Cruise Vacation

Cruises are a popular choice among vacationers. The idea that all food and lodging are wrapped up in on package is very attractive because practically everything is taken care of by the cruise. There is no need for you to worry about things like booking hotels and finding restaurants. That said, you still should do some planning. Read this article for some tips on how to make your next cruise vacation smooth-sailing.

A cruise usually begins at a specified port of call. You do not get many choices here because only certain cities along the coast can accommodate huge cruise liners at their port. If you are hundreds of miles away, it is best if you arrive at the city of the port of call a day early. Make that start of your vacation. You can spend that extra day sight seeing around the local city. Get a good night’s sleep, then arrive early at the port. This way, you save yourself the stress of rushing to get to the port. If you do not allow yourself that extra day, you will put yourself through extra stress. You never know if something will detain you on your way to the port. Without that extra day as cushion, you may miss your boat.

There will be hundreds of people on the cruise ship with you. It is best not to carry too many valuables on board. However, if you are celebrating a special occasion, and you will be dressing up on certain evenings during the cruise, you may want to use a plain-looking box to hold your jewelry. Use a tackle box or anything else that does not look like a fancy jewelry box. Tuck that in your travel bag. This will less likely catch the attention of potential thieves.

During a cruise, you will have a chance to off-board the ship at select destinations for some local sight-seeing. The cruise director often has touring packages for sale at an additional fee, but you can go off to explore on your own. Food is extra as well. Since there is so much food available on the ship that is already included in the cost of your cruise, you can pack a lunch to take with you on these excursions. This will save you time from looking for a place to eat, and it will save you money as well.

When you board the ship, your luggage is checked in ahead of time. Your luggage is then delivered to your cabin a little later. That means when you board, your luggage is not likely to be at your room yet. Therefore, make sure that you pack certain items in your carry-on bag. Your necessities and valuables are the obvious things. However, you may also want to pack your swimsuit. While you wait for your luggage, you can relax by the pool.

Keep your room key secure on a lanyard so you will have it with you all the time. Keys can fall out of pockets, and a lanyard is a more secure solution.

These tips will save you from some common problems that cause you a headache. Just plan ahead, and you will have a great time!

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