Backpacking: Tips for Beginners

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March 3, 2017

Backpacking: Tips for Beginners

This article is aimed at beginners, the first backpacking adventure still lies ahead, and you still have lots of questions – where should I stay? what should I bring? This article is also for those who, in hindsight, realize their next adventure could go a bit more smoothly.

Backpacking is to travel with a very uncomplicated and inexpensive way where you get to know a lot of people and a lot of experience. You can travel as a backpacker almost everywhere. The choice of destination should, however, depend on your personal experience of traveling within Europe, because you usually “know how it goes”. It is better to make your rookie mistakes in Europe, if you are already familiar with the area, so that you can avoid big problems.

For many riders, there are several train tickets, for example in Europe Interrail, Scanrail, Euro Domino, etc. To quickly and easily get to your destination, night trains are highly recommended. Another, often uncomfortable, slow and somewhat adventurous variant, but much cheaper, it is to hitchhike.

Find out if your travel destination in train or bus are more common on long-distance routes. In Europe it is usually the train. Elsewhere, the rail network to be poorly developed, eg in the USA. Many railway companies have their online schedules, a list of links you find in Pro Bahn. There you can also get an idea of the web prices, which can vary greatly depending on the country.

Tip: If only a few moves are listed (eg Turkey), there is no more. Look around for buses or to pressure you from the schedule, instead of you at the station to rely on your luck.

Remember that you have to drag all your luggage in a backpack. So take with you only the bare minimum – the real luxury is lightweight luggage! Things you “could possibly need” to stay at home. If you forget something, you can still buy it on the go. Packed, your backpack should not weigh more than 15 pounds, but if you bring any camping gear, less than eleven pounds. While food and drinks are included.

All equipment (except sleeping pad) should fit in your backpack, you should have nothing in it to bind the outside. That would get wet in the rain is lost and easily disturbed if it moved back and herbaumelt while walking. The backpack should be your only piece of luggage (with the exception of the belt pouch). If you bring a small daypack, you will also keep in the pack, as long as you have them interact. Maybe you want to put on your camera, but certainly not all the time. It must therefore be room for it in your backpack. A second front backpack is sweating and looks like a pack mule, but not on vacation. The hands-free, you should have. The backpack should not therefore at the beginning of the journey to be completely full, if you go you still buy a raincoat or carry more supplies have because the next Monday is a holiday.

Take your time! Everything takes longer and longer than you think. Time goes no train, sometimes you get sick and have to take a few days long, or it’s so nice that you no longer wegwillst. If you are anywhere just by rushing, you have seen nothing in the end really. Travel more slowly, and thus cheaper and more intense.

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